Plantanos Y Collard Greens

7:30 pm

120 East 8th Street

Anderson, IN

Join us for a play where cultures and passions collide with the poetics of hip-hop.
Platanos y Collard Greens by David Lamb with Executive Produced by Cultured Urban Winery!
Get ready for a night of laughter, love, and cultural exploration! Cultured Urban Winery proudly presents the hit romantic comic play, “Platanos y Collard Greens,” executive produced for an unforgettable experience, Produced and Directed by Teresa Reynolds .
Dates & Times: Friday, April 20th & Saturday, April 21st
Venue: Anderson City Hall Building Auditorium
Can love between blacks and Latinos survive? Platanos y Collard Greens is a tale of secret lovers from different cultures who fall in love at first sight…until Mom finds out and has a heart attack. Platanos y Collard Greens is the hit romantic comic play that tells the story of Freeman, an African-American man, and Angelita, a Latino woman, who are both forced to confront and overcome cultural and racial prejudices while defending their bond from family and friends. Platanos will remind you of your family, your love, and your life. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, inspire you, and make you think. Platanos has enchanted audiences of over 40,000 both Off-Broadway in New York City and at over 100 colleges and universities in more than 17 states around the country. Updated with new moments, current politics, and laughs, this show is now funnier than ever!
What to Expect:
A romantic and comedic journey through love and cultural differences.
Updated with new moments, current politics, and even more laughs.
An exploration of the universal themes of family, love, and life.
Wine & Dine Experience: Indulge in the rich flavors of our curated wine selection while immersing yourself in this captivating play. Our cozy winery provides the perfect setting for a night of entertainment and connection.
Why Attend:
-Guaranteed laughs and entertainment.
-Thought-provoking exploration of love and cultural harmony.
-A unique experience brought to you by Cultured Urban Winery.
Join us for an evening filled with love, laughter, and the celebration of cultural diversity! Don’t miss out on this captivating play that will leave you inspired and entertained. See you there!

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